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Al-Azhar International College is the place to be!

We recruit the best brains and invest in staff training and development. This has positioned the school as the best institution any teacher or stakeholder in the education sector wishes to work. Our staff are not only well motivated, but also challenged to be their best through provision of excellent working environment characterized by an atmosphere of warmth and friendship, and a helpful state-of-the-art facilities.

Al-Azhar is an equal-opportunity workplace. Professionalism and merit are at the core of our recruitment programmes at all times. Thus, it does not matter who you are, your gender, race or religion, Al-Azhar offers you an opportunity to fulfill your potentials and set a career path.

If you are confident you have got what it takes and would like to join our team, kindly send your CV to  careers@al-azharinternationalcollege.com

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