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College Life

Life in Al-Azhar International College revolves around daily activities of the students ranging from the classroom activities to the activities in the hostels as well as their co-curricular activities.

First, the five daily prayers are compulsory for every Muslim child thus, our students are woken at 5:00 am by the Hostel father (Boys’ Hostel) and the Hostel Mother (Girls’ Hostel) to observe their Fajr Prayer in congregation.

Morning Quranic Class

After Fajr prayer and before breakfast, the students are engaged in Quranic lesson revision.

Dinning Times

Nutritious and satisfactory meals are constantly provided for the students at breakfast, lunch and dinner. In order to meet the national standard of feeding, their meals are complemented with fruits few minutes after the meal.

On the Assembly

During the assembly times, students are engaged in moral talks and required information are disseminated to them.

Classroom Activities and Conduciveness

An average of 20 students is accommodated in a classroom to aid effective learning. The school adopts both :

This enables teachers to exercise practical works in an interactive mode with the students. This enhances students-teachers correspondence and learning.

Excursions and Academic Achievements

In order to extend our teachings and learning beyond the classrooms, our students participate in excursions and educational tours within and outside Nigeria.

In addition, the school is constantly active in both local and international academic competitions. Many laurels and prizes have been won by our students in both Islamic and secular education contests. For the records, the school came first in the Spelling Bee Competition 2014; First runner-up in the Speech and Public Speaking Contest by Impact Africa International Cotonou, Benin Republic Continental Debate, just to mention a few.

Our Environment

We have a conducive and serene environment that stimulates our students to think creatively and strategically.

Al-Azhar International College is indeed a home for grooming disciplined future leaders. Our motto (grooming disciplined future leaders) does not only read this, our core values also prove this. With sincerity, humility, righteousness, morality, respect, truthfulness, strategic thinking, honesty and hard work, we are on top of the game! With these we groom each child to take the front seat in life by choice and not by chance. So, hurry up and register your child now (Click here).

Dress Code

The College adheres to uniform that meets moral dress requirements. Uniforms and dresses are branded. The school dress policy provides that all students must comply and adhere to the school uniform which promotes a more secure school environment, an atmosphere for greater discipline, and increase learning opportunities for students by removing many of the distractions and connotations associated with various types of clothing. All students are required to wear uniforms to class.

Students shall be expected to maintain a neat, clean, and well-groomed appearance at school. Shirt tails must be tucked in. Undergarments must not be visible. No article of clothing shall be bizarre in style, unsuitable for school activities, or of a nature to call undue attention to the wearer. Shoes are black and brown school sandals with white socks.

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