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Rules and Regulations


  • Students must engage in serious academic work to achieve the motto of the school “GROOMING DISCIPLINED FUTURE LEADERS”
  • English, Arabic, and French languages shall be the the medium of communication at all times on the school compound.
  • Students must avoid noise making at all times.
  • The school time-table must be followed strictly.
  • Students must not fight or bully other students.
  • Teachers of Arabic, French and Nigerian languages can speak the languages they teach to only the students that offer such.
  • Unruly behavior resulting from over familiarity between staff and student will not be tolerated.
  • Students must greet and respect their teachers.
  • Peaceful co-existence between staff and students will be encouraged.
  • Absenteeism and irregular class attendance is not allowed.
  • Destruction or mishandling of school properties by student attract sanction and payment to replace damaged one.
  • Mutual love and respect must pervade the entire school environment. Love for others what you love for yourself.
  • Every student must take every other student as a brother or sister.
  • Hatred, enmity, envy, jealousy, bitterness and all such vices must be banished.


  • Stealing, fighting, smoking, drinking of alcohol, gambling, sexual misconduct (promiscuity), cultism and other social vices are completely prohibited.
  • Examination malpractice is prohibited.
  • Possession of handset telephone is prohibited.
  • Keeping of beard, mustache, lip painting, hair perming, ostentatious dressing are prohibited.
  • Meddling with electric cable is prohibited.
  • Religious fanaticism is prohibited.

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