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Disciplinary Action


Discipline shall be taken with all seriousness and appropriate sanction shall apply to any form of indiscipline. Counseling will be administered after these sanctions and student will be made to sign counseling form and at the third occurrence the parents will be invited. However, for BULLYING the student will be EXPELLED after the third occurrence. Violating any of the following shall be sanctionable offence and will attract relevant sanction(s) attached. Sanctions should take cognizance of the health status of the offenders.

  1. Bullying in any form including beating any other student is a very serious offense and will therefore not be tolerated (we will have zero tolerance) and anyone found guilty will be sanctioned. (SANC 9 & 13 & 16 at the third occurrence)
  2. Students guilty of cultism, smoking, doping, religious fanaticism (SANC 16)
  3. Stealing of any kind within and outside the premises is highly prohibited therefore; students caught in the act will be punished accordingly by the school’s students’ disciplinary committee (SANC 5 & SANC 7 & SANC 11)
  4. Anyone that aids and abet (somebody who sees someone committing an offence and fails to report) especially in the case of bullying and beating or any other offense will be punished accordingly. (SANC 9)
  5. All forms of examination malpractices are prohibited (SANC 7 on the day of the last paper)
  6. Sexual promiscuity in any form is prohibited. (SANC 5 & 9 and parents to be invited)
  7. Arabic, English, and French are the only permitted media of communication. Speaking in other languages other than these (SANC 1 & SANC 10)
  8. Disrespect and rude to staff, lying, vulgar and abusive language, lateness, gossiping, backbiting (SANC 2)
  9. On no account should a student inscribe on any wall within the school premises. On account of any inscription on the wall (Cleaning the wall to its original form & SANC 3)
  10. It is a gross level of indiscipline to pass-by any filth without picking and properly disposing off to the right channel. Failure to comply (SANC 1)
  11. Not putting on uniform when resuming or leaving the school is an offense. (SANC 3)
  12. Not resuming with appropriate school hair-do is an offense. (SANC 3 & 11)
  13. Students should be the custodians of schools’ properties thus, should not be engaged in its destruction or deliberate depletion. Any student found guilty will be fined for replacement (SANC 4 & 11 & 12).
  14. Boarding Students must keep to time scheduled for their daily activities. Students not found at the right place at the due time will be sanctioned (SANC 7).
  15. Student should not be found sneaking out of the school premises either in the day or at night. (SANC 8)
  16. Late coming by Day Students (if not caused by the school transportation) (SANC 1)
  17. Failure to resume on the actual day of resumption is a sanctionable offence. (SANC 14)
  18. Failure to write/perform assigned school/class activities will attract sanctions (SANC 2)
  19. Walking on lawn, fields and gardens is a sanctionable offence (SANC 15)
  20. The College adheres to uniform that meets moral dress requirements. Uniforms and dresses are branded. The school dress policy provides that all students must comply and adhere to the school uniform which promotes a more secure school environment, an atmosphere for greater discipline, and increase learning opportunities for students by removing many of the distractions and connotations associated with various types of clothing. All students are required to wear uniforms to class.


Students shall be expected to maintain a neat, clean, and well- groomed appearance at school. Shirt tails must be tucked in. Undergarments must not be visible. No article of clothing shall be bizarre in style, unsuitable for school activities, or of a nature to call undue attention to the wearer. Shoes are black and brown school sandals with white socks. Violation of the above (SANC 1 & 11)

  1. On no account should students wear bathroom slippers to school except on permission following an injury. (SANC 6)
  2. Not keeping to mosque and prayer etiquette by Muslim students (SANC 4)
  3. Bringing in of contraband items (SANC 6 & 8)
  4. Keeping of laptop computers in the hostel is an offense (all laptops must be registered and kept in places authorized) (SANC 7 & Return to appropriate place)
  5. Downloading of unauthorized materials using the school’s internet facility either with individual laptops or through the school’s systems is a sanctionable offense (SANC 8)
  6. Students should not access the computer and other laboratories except during the practical periods or after permission are granted (SANC 1)
  7. Students not remitting their pocket money to their class teachers, is an offense (SANC 1 & Return to Class Teacher
  8. Students whose notes are not intact and/or not up to date will be sanctioned. (SANC 2)
  9. Fighting among students is an offense: Boy vs. Girl (SANC 4 & 5 & 9); Girl vs. Girl (SANC 5 & 9); Boy vs. Boy (SANC 5 & 9)

NB: Contraband items including phones, boiling rings, spices, hot plates and cooking utensils, sharp objects, face-cap, match sticks, soldering iron, tools like: screwdriver, spanner, plier etc., hand-dryer, dangling earrings, rings, steel wristwatches, bangles, perfumes (not deodorant), slim-fitted trousers and skirts.


SANC 1: Picking liters within the premises during break
SANC 2: Offenders will be engaged to do some work during break period for specified number of days
SANC 3: Plates washing at the dinning
SANC 4: Clearing the dining hall and washing the plates
SANC 5: Student to present an address on the assembly centered on the unacceptable behavior and ways to curb it
SANC 6: Seizure of unacceptable items till the end of the academic session and to be destroyed on the assembly ground.
SANC 7: Supervised grass cutting
SANC 8: Supervised toilet washing
SANC 9: Caning after going through the school’s due process
SANC 10: Engagement to search for the meanings of some assigned vocabularies and make short write-ups with those vocabularies in any of the official media of communication
SANC 11: Bringing back the facility/items to its original/normal form (or return of stolen item).
SANC 12: Parents should be billed accordingly for replacement of damaged facility/items.
SANC 13: To be removed as a prefect
SANC 14: A fine of N5000
SANC 15: Watering and tendering garden or lawn or field
SANC 16: Expulsion from the school

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