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We thank Almight Allah for bringing us this far,we are going toward the end of the term.We thank you all for your understanding , we pray that Almight Allah will continue to support your unrelenting efforts in the upbringing of your wards.

Transportation: in the past, we have had problems with our transportation for more than a year.  We thought the problem will end , instead, the school keep recording losses on transportation which when compare to the previous term is more than N400, 000.

The management invited the PTA Chairman for a meeting and the suggestions made at the meeting include:

  1. Converting the day students to boarding
  2. Contracting transportation out to another company
  3. Survey from other schools.
  4. Parents bringing their ward(s)
  5. Increase the transportation fare based on distance

During the holiday, we did a survey on other schools on how they manage and run their transport system, we also used the school bus to run the entire route where the students live with the proprietor to calculate the km/ph covered and to see the condition of the road. During that visit, we discovered that the distance covered to pick and drop some student is much and the roads are very bad.

After the visitation, the parents involved were invited with the PTA Chairman in attendance for the way forward. The following were the suggestions and observations made by the parents.

  • Repairing and disposing the two vehicles to get good one.
  • Using some of the staff who knows how to drive to test run.
  • Increase transport fare based on distance.

It was also suggested that we should use some staff who knows how to drive to pilot the affair of the school buses. The proprietor sent three staff to driving school to perfect their driving. The proprietor’s driver has also been helping with driving of the school buses.

 We have decided to do away with transportation. We urge the parents to register their ward(s) for centralized bus system in the town, its very reliable and for the security reasons; they do biometric, there is a means of identification, assistant driver, working camera in the bus, tracking system and the registration is online. They have three buses for different route respectively, Ganaja, Felele and Zango route.

Graduation Ceremony: In preparation for this year’s graduation ceremony   which comes up on Saturday 30th July, 2022, parents and guardians are required to pay the following amounts for their wards.

Graduating Classes:

Nursery 2      –           N3,000

Primary 5      –           N4,000

JSS 3               –           N6,000

SSS 3          –         N10,000

Non- graduating classes:

Other classes in Primary/Nursery         –           2,000

Secondary                                          –           3,000

Dressing code

– Nursery 2 & Primary 5:

Boys = white shirt and trousers with bow tie

Girls = Long black skirt, white long sleeve with white Ijab.

– JSS 3 Same as primary.

– SS 3

Boys -blacksuit with white long  sleeve shirt, pepper red long tie

Girls- Black Jalabia with Pepper Red hijab.

Third term examination: The third term Examination will commence 18th July, 2022. Checking the third term results is also scheduled for the following week after graduation.

External exams: The SS3 and JSS 3 students have completed their SSCE(WAEC) and NECO (BECE) Examination respectively.  The NECO examination for the SSS3 had just commenced  on 27th of June, 2022. The State examination for the JSS 3 is scheduled to commence on 5th of July, 2022 from the Ministry of Education.

Al-Azhar Scholarship Scheme: Al-Azhar International College has  introduced  two scholarship scheme.

1. scheme offers 100% and 25% scholarship  to  students. To qualify for the scholarship, parent must  introduce a referral to the school.

2. There is also a cooperate scholarship scheme introduced by the school.  Al-Azhar International College partners with schoolarshipdotglobal for scholarships and many other benefits in collaboration with First Bank trustee. Once you sign up for this scheme, parent pay only 65% of school fees. The scholarship bond is a commercialized scholarship that pays 35% of your school fees.

Features Of the scholarship scheme:

  • Pay  Only 65%  of your tuition
  • Useable in partner private primary, secondary and tertiary schools in Nigeria.
  • Useable for study abroad
  • Application is N2,000.

Academics: Since the inception of the school, nearly all the students excel in their jamb (UTME) cut-off marks for the university admission. This year’s JAMB result is not an exemption. The scores are 270, 239, 229, 218, and 213 among others. All thanks go to Allah for this success.

Children’s day Creative arts competition: Three of our students participated in the just concluded National Gallery of Arts Competition to mark the Children’s Day Celebration on Friday 27th May, 2022. There were three different categories and winners.

One of them took part in painting and he got 1st position and best overall. The second student took part in textile, he also got 1st position. While the third student took part in drawing and she got 2nd position. Al-Azhar International College emerged the overall best at the end of the competition.

Important Notice:

Some of our staff had resigned and some may not resume with us in the next session due to one reason or the other. The staff that had tendered their resignation letter with the school and their reasons are state below.

Mr. Kashim Olalekan (Head Teacher) – he got anither  job in Abuja.

Miss Susan Tugudu( English and literature teacher for senior classes) – her mother was seriously sick at the  time and she had to take care of her as there was nobody to do that.

Miss Mulikat Bello (English teacher for  Primary school) : She also got another employment opportunity very close to her house.

Immediately, the school had made arrangement for their replacement


We appreciate our parents who donated some sporting items to the school. May Allah continue to replenish your pockets.

We also appreciate the parent who made donations towards the completion of our mosque. It is said that whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah shall build a house like it for him in paradise, and we say jazakallah khairan.


According to the school policy under parent relation, parent who have children or ward in the hostel can contact them only through the hostel father or hostel mother. Such calls can only be made between 4pm-6pm all week days and 8.00am to 9:30am on Saturdays and Sundays.


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