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Al-Azhar International College Digital Newsletter for December,2021

All praise belongs to Allah (SWT) the Lord of all the world. I adore Him and extol His
holiness. I also use this medium to appreciate all our parents for their patronage.
May Allah (SWT) continue to bless and protect all our parents (Amin).
Our approach to teaching and learning generally has been very dynamic. Various
intelligent measures have been deployed to develop our pupils/students for
academic excellence. The dynamism is seen in the following;

DISCIPLINE: Al-Azhar International College students/pupils are morally upright and
disciplined. The reason is because we use the holy Qur’an and the hadith of the
prophet (SAW), In grooming them.
The boarding students have memorized more than twenty–one verses/chapters
from the glorious Qur’an.
The students/pupils have also commenced the memorization of the forth hadith of
an-Nawawi’s collection in addition to the over forty-five hadith they have already
memorized with English meaning.

INTER-HOUSE SPORT: This is another way to help Pupil/students to break free from
habits that inhibits learning, like, isolationism, among others. The school has
concluded plans to have another inter-house sport after the one we had before the
Corona virus outbreak in early 2020.
We have scheduled the forth coming inter-house sport to take place in February 12
the 2022.

I urge our amiable parents to kindly assist the school in the provision of the
following items for use by all our students/pupils during the inter-house sport.
(a) Snacks (b) Glucose (c) Soft drinks (d) Canopy (e) money for contingency

• May God Almighty replenish your pockets as you assist the school to meet its
mandate in grooming the students/pupils for excellence.

pupils Sport

DIGITALIZATION: Al-Azhar International College/Primary has been a digital school
from inception. We have invested huge resources to develop both administrative
and academic based applications to simplify all our deliverables in the school.
Currently the school has employed the use of “School try” to run all our academic
related matters. For instance, examination reports of students every term,
assignments, lesson note etc, all these have been catered for by this application.
Therefore, we passionately appeal to our amiable parents to kindly join hands with
us to have a smooth operation of digitalization efforts we have brought to bear in
the school. So, that the school can have a robust relationship with the parents digitally.


There is no doubt that the weekly programme is yielding positive results. The
students are actively involved and this is bringing out the best in them. The
programme engages students in the areas of spelling Bee, battle of brains, Arabic
and Quranic competitions, and debate. At the end of each month the best family is
given prize. In the immediate past months, Legacy family came first by scoring 94
points after defeating the rests in a keenly contested academic tussle.
Consequently, as a way of motivating them, they were presented with gift items
(Pens and pencils) after announcing the results on the assembly ground.


Junior Secondary School 1
Students in JSS1 are to be trained in tie and dye fabric production. Each student will
be given his/her fabric which he/she will take home. The cost of the project is
N4,000 per student.

Jss3 students are to buy the following: postal colours 2, painting brushes and 4
white cardboards.
They will need the materials from 2nd term through their BECE EXAM.


In our quest to upgrade those weak students who comfortably occupy the lower
rung of academic ladder to the upper one, we have resolved to organize a
programme that will cater for the need of the weak students after identifying them
across all the classes from LBE I to 3. In order to make it effective, we picked out
two most important subjects in the primary. Mathematics and English Language.

In the Junior Secondary, English and Mathematics are carefully picked out, for the
Senior Secondary, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English Language
are more challenging to the students.

This is a way of fulfilling the aims and objective of doing the Tuesday programme
and adhering to the Al-Azhar teaching focus “No child should be lost in the shuffle”

Al-azhar students and teacher

By the way of motivating the Students, teachers are involved so as to make it more
serious and effective. We do suggest to give token to the participating teachers.

We have observed that some students are well behaved, diligent, brilliant and well
dressed and so qualify to be good ambassador of the school. The school rewards
such students, hence, curbing every form of bad habit. As we all know bad
behaviour is like virus which can easily spread like fire.

Barely two weeks ago, we started a programme by what is called urgent provision
of six medals comparing two gold and two bronze. Every week, on Friday, the best
students are recognized and decorated with medals.

We have resolved to carrying out the exercise fortnightly which will alternate
between secondary and primary. In arriving at the selection of the best students,
we subsumed all their deeds and activities into the category of being diligent, well
behaved and well dressed.
This is the third week of the programme, it is gradually bringing their senses back
into positive attitude changes. In fact, some of them who are boarders happily took
pictures and sent to their parents.

We thank God Almighty for crowning our efforts with success this year. All our SS 3
and JSS 3 students who did NECO, WAEC and BECE passed their papers with good
grade (GRADE B) and the least grade was C6.

Registration of student for CASS is in progress. The Application has been
downloaded and the necessary details about the students have been collated.

We thank you for your cooperation and pray Allah (SWT) continue to enrich you
(Amen). On the payment of school fees for students especially the external exams
classes, the WAEC registration has commenced and will close by January 10th 2022.

The students are to register with the sum of N30,000 each, NECO is N25,000
while JSS 3 BECE both state and NECO exam is N30,000. The money should be paid
into the school’s account.


We urge our parents/guardian who are indebted to the school should kindly pay
their ward’s/children’s school fee including the 2nd term fee and PTA levy.

The school’s account numbers are:

First Bank Account: 2015019642
Fidelity Bank Account: 4010594246
Wema Bank Account: 0122615665
Jaiz Bank Account: 0003183432

PTA Account: 3062954928 (First Bank)


This allows us to know what other PTA members offer and patronize them.

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  • by Asema baba Haruna kb father Posted December 29, 2021 4:34 pm

    Mosquito is too much in the hostel, and I don’t know if the school is having hostel master to care for the kids

  • by Mall. Kashim Posted December 30, 2021 3:27 pm

    Kudos to the School and the entire management for work well-done, may assists the school to achieves their goals. Amin.

  • by Mall. Kashim Posted December 30, 2021 3:29 pm

    May Almighty Allah continue to assist the school to a greater heights. Amin

  • by Abdulsalami Badiru Posted December 30, 2021 3:41 pm

    Nice job Keep it up wishes you more success in the coming academic year

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