Al-Azhar International College is located at No 4, Al-Azhar Avenue, Zango- Daji, Lokoja, Kogi State. The college has the following schools: –

  1. Montessori,
  2. Primary school,
  3. Secondary school,
  4. Cambridge Advanced school and
  5. Tahfizul Quran school.

The college is built on three pillars: –

  • world class secular education,
  • excellence moral training and
  • Islamic religious training.

 The distinguishing features of Al-Azhar International College is its combination of academic with character building, hence the

  • The school’s motto is ………grooming disciplined future leaders
  •  Mission of the school is ……………to prepare each child for a Nobel prize and
  •  Vision statement of the school is …………………… education with character to improve the world.

The foundation of character molding of our students is based on the following core values – sincerity, humility, morality, truthfulness, honesty, hard work, strategic thinking, respect and righteousness.

The school is committed to raising God fearing leaders who would aim for excellence in all their endeavours. The school offers an Islamic and western approach to education to ensure full academic potential is realized in every individual child.


1. Teaching style: the teachers’ primary role is to coach and facilitate students learning and overall comprehension of materials and also to measure students’ learning through both formal and informal forms of assessments like group projects, students’ portfolios and class participation. As a student-centered classroom, teaching and assessments are connected because students’ learning is continuously measured during teachers’ instruction. To meet up with the current trend in the global world, the school employed the use of ICT for online instruction. Our students have the opportunity of assessing their instructions online, conduct their assignments as well. Also, the use of an interactive smart board by the school helps in bringing convenience and flexibility in education, increases teacher-student engagement and boost performance in the long run. Adopting this technology is great for the school because it streamlines areas that were a challenge before.

2. Teachers qualification: The school employed well trained and qualify teachers in various field who are also committed to their job. We have teachers who have masters in various field, University graduates as well as few NCE graduate. In addition, most of our teachers have professional qualifications such as TRCN- teachers’ registration Council of Nigeria, post graduate diploma in education from NTI- national teachers institute. The school has excellent teachers who are directed by the school’s teachers focus.

3. School environment/Physical facilities: At Al-Azhar International College, we strive to provide every child of the school with excellent and wholesome education through a very comfortable, safe and stimulating environment. The best physical environment is provided in the school and it is such that is conducive for learning.  The atmosphere offers the following structures: –

  • Well-equipped laboratories
  • Excellent learning environment
  • Well-equipped ICT centre
  • Spacious classroom
  • Ample sporting facilities
  • Large event hall with a capacity of 1500 people
  • Well-equipped school clinic with a qualified Nurse
  • Well-equipped male and female hostel
  • Bore hole that supplies 24/7 water
  • Treated water tank that provide drinkable water.
  •  Transformer that supplies light as well as a solar power system that supplies power at all times.

4. Outstanding result: Academically, the college has performed excellently in all external examination and had also won Laurens in academic competition such as: –

  • Spelling bees
  • National Olympiad,
  • African education monitor,
  • NAFDAC award,
  • Annual Islamic competition including
  • Continental debate and
  • Public speaking context amongst others.

5. Health and safety: Every child has a right to feel safe and comfortable in and out of the school. Our school therefore, strives to ensure that the children in our care are healthy safe and enjoy emotional well-being.

  • For example, we ensure that corridors and walkways are clear and uneven areas of floor are highlighted.
  • The school has fire-fighting equipment in place. Fire prevention measures are key to school health and safety, because fire often has a devastating effect
  • Furniture and fixtures –we ensure that cupboards, bookcases, display boards, and shelves are securely fastened and in good condition. This prevents them from falling or collapsing and causing serious injury.
  • Above all, the school employed the service of well-trained security officers that help to the secure premises and personnel by patrolling property; monitoring equipment; inspecting buildings, equipment, access points and permitting entry. They also help to prevent losses and damage by reporting irregularities.

6. Parental involvement: the school gives room for parents’ participation in the school activities as well as in the education of their child. PTA is in place as well as online platforms where parents can air their views about the school activities or concern, give suggestions and make complaints if any.

7. Extra-curricular activities: The school has excellent extra-curricular activities on-going to boost the students’ academic performance. These activities include

  • Clubs and society
  • Literary and Debate
  • Skill acquisition in different field
  • Tuesday moral talk
  • Tuesday academic competitions such as spelling bees, battle of the brain, debate etc.

At Al-Azhar International College, we aim at building world future leaders and role models who are disciplined and God – fearing.

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  • by Kadri Olorungbon Amana Posted September 26, 2021 7:14 pm

    Attractive and motivating unique values. One of the school to beat.

  • by Haritha Posted February 26, 2022 7:22 pm

    The commitment to building a total child is admirable. Al-Azhar is definitely a school to reckon with, when seeking a study environment for children and teens.

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