Al-azhar International College 2022 Graduation Ceremony.

Al-azhar Students Won National Gallery of Arts Competition

NATIONAL GALLERY OF ARTS COMPETITION. Three of our students participated in the just concluded National Gallery of arts competition to mark the children’s day celebration on Friday 27th may,2022. There were three different categories and Winners. 1. Abdulazeez Abdulhameed, took part in painting and he got 1st position and best Read More…

Second Term Newsletter March, 2022

NEWS LETTER We express our unalloyed gratitude to the Almighty Allah (SWT) for bringing us to the successful and peaceful completion of second term 2021/2022 academic session. We also use this medium to thank our amiable parents for their patronage and profound love for Al-Azhar International College. May the Almighty Read More…


AL-AZHAR INTERNATIONAL COLLEGEZango Daji, Lokoja, Kogi StateNEWS LETTER The entire family of Al-Azhar International College express their profound gratitude to the AlmightyAllah (SWT) for the landmark success we had in the first half of the second term 2021/2022 academicsession. ACADEMIC INTERVENTION: The weak students from primary to secondary classes have Read More…


PTA EXECUTIVE MEETING HELD ON THE 30TH NOVEMBER 2021. AGENDA: 1.Prayer. 2. Update of comprehensive list of PTA members. 3. How many people have paid PTA fees for this (1st)term. 4. Projects request made to PTA *Opening prayer given by Mallam Abdulsalam( the auditor). *List of PTA members/students: Total number Read More…

Milo Sports Gala With AL-Azhar International College

A Colorful Event of Milo sporting Gala with Al-azhar International college, Lokoja Kogi State took place on Wednesday 10th November 2021. The sporting activities were very remarkable and the students were excited.Below is the gallery of the Event

Al-Azhar Good Friday Session with Students

National Association Proprietor of Private School(NAPP) Celebrate Her Day at AL-AZHAR International College

SIGHTS OF NAPPS DAY CELEBRATION AT AL-AZHAR INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE ZANGO DAJI, LOKOJA KOGI STATE. The Proprietor of Al-Azhar international college the person Of Dr Y. A. Habeeb was Awarded in the events

Walimatul Qur’an Graduation Ceremony of Al-azhar International College

The walimatul Quran Graduation ceremony of Al-azhar International College held on 21st of august 2021 We congratulate our Grandaunts today for the successful completion of the recitation of the Holy Quran. As Part of our mission to train the future leaders in moral and academic. We have imbibe the Quranic Read More…

Celebration of Old students

We celebrate our students

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