2. Update of comprehensive list of PTA members.

3. How many people have paid PTA fees for this (1st)term.

4. Projects request made to PTA

*Opening prayer given by Mallam Abdulsalam( the auditor).

*List of PTA members/students: Total number of students is 144. The financial secretary and the treasurer were saddled with the responsibility to get the number of students who have paid before the next exco meeting which holds in the next few days. It was further stated that as school resumes, the treasurer, financial secretary as well as other exco members who are staff of the school should be available for the first two weeks to collect the PTA levies. More so, the financial secretary and the treasurer are to reconcile the payment made by hand and into the bank before we meet on Friday, 3rd December, 2021.

*Terms/number of request made to the PTA:

(1) Painting of classrooms and perimeter fence.

(2) Purchase of desks

(3) Marketing of Al-Azhar College to parents

(4)Purchase of new school bus
(5) Provision of hand pumping borehole.

Of the above list, school painting and water was seen as top priority. Hence, it was agreed that paint makers/painters would be invited so that we get the best and affordable quotation. As to water, the existing borehole will be put into functional and proper use, hence, expert in that regard will be invited for cost as soon as possible.

Additionally, as regards the marketing of the school, we have an existing jingle which was said to be okay. The chairman promised to personally visit NTA and Kogi Radio to know how much it costs to air the advert.

It was concluded that internal launching would be done in the next PTA meeting to raise funds
in addition to the PTA levies.


*Change of Signatories: Constitutionally, citing the examples of some corporate organization, chairman, secretary, and treasurer should be signatories to the account. Hence, letter is to be written to the bank informing the manager of our intention to change the chairman and secretary signatories to the account and also making them to be aware that the treasurer’s name will remain unchanged.

Also, provision will be made for bulk SMS and to be sent to parents hence, a phone would be bought for the use of PTA. Conclusion was reached that messages will henceforth be sent to
parents in threefold as follows:

* 2 days before holiday, parents will be asked to come to take their children home on vacation day. We will appreciate their efforts on the children and our looking forward to PTA
arrangements for the benefits our children.

*2nd message- to be sent 3 days to resumption with words of prayer, telling them to come along with PTA levies teller, wishing them safe trip to the school and also reminding them of the next PTA meeting/launching.

*3rd message- to be sent a week to PTA meeting and bearing message of PTA meeting/launching, telling them the time(10 am- no African time) Meeting ended with closing prayer by Mr Benson.

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